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How Video Helped T-Mobile Communicate a Large-scale Merger
Power Users

  By Nicole Olsen Imagine attempting to communicate a merger between two large organizations to an audience of 45,000. Now imagine trying to communicate that message during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the majority of the workforce suddenly found themselves working remotely. That is the exact challenge T-Mobile...

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Wainhouse Research Survey Reveals Growing Video Usage and Budgets
Video News

  By Nicole Olsen There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant experience in our lives. It has impacted us individually, as a society, and as a workforce. For some of us, things will eventually return to the way they were, and for others, there is...

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4 Tips for Communicating Change in the Workplace
Video Meetings

By Nicole Olsen From Covid-19 workplace changes to mergers and acquisitions, workplace change is accelerating by the day and increasing the need for effective communications with increasingly isolated employees. Those of us familiar with the ‘telephone’ game are acutely aware of how fast misinformation can spread from one person to...

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5 reasons why Live Streaming will still be relevant after Covid

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How Network Teams Use VBI Webcast Insights
Networks 101

By Darian Germain At MediaPlatform when we meet prospective customers, we evaluate their network, network segments, locations, and any potential unique requirements. We also engage in an extensive evaluation of their client base so we understand their operating systems and browser types. But most importantly, we leverage our Video Business...

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Scaling Your Webcasting Infrastructure during the WFH Era
Live Webcasting

By Hadar Weiss The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced most organizations to transition to remote working. As most employees are now working from home, the need for robust collaboration and internal communication tools has never been greater. In this post, we focus specifically on how to successfully execute town hall...

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Producing Studio-quality Webcast Events from Home
Live Webcasting

By Shaun Brown Over the last few months, we have seen a massive shift from the traditional ways of meeting, such as in conference rooms, to now relying on video for virtually all our interactions. Even on some of the most popular virtual meeting-room systems, quality matters when the audio...

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Why Video is the Most Powerful Communication Medium
CEO Town Halls

  By Nicole Olsen  As organizations around the globe are turning to various technologies to maintain business continuity and allow employees to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, video is rapidly emerging as a leader. For many of us, this isn’t a surprise. Online video has already changed the way...

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Enterprise Webcasting: How does the new WFH-normal impact scale and concurrency?
Live Webcasting

By John Frederick As companies and employees come to terms with their collective new normal, one of the most immediate and profound impacts has been in online video use and consumption. Whether comparing month-over-month online entertainment data or tracking the meteoric adoption of online meeting solutions, online video has emerged...

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