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The MediaPlatform Event Success Dashboard gives corporate communications and event teams a powerful new tool for gauging messaging effectiveness, audience engagement and technical webcast performance during live webcasts. Event organizers can use the Event Success Dashboard’s intuitive displays to easily assess how audiences are reacting to the information being delivered, and confidently report that streams are being delivered successfully.

Corporate Communications Live Event Monitoring

The Event Success Dashboard allows corporate communications teams to monitor and report on event success using practical widgets that parse massive technical data into simple roll-up scores

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Corporate Communications Presenter Feedback

At the conclusion of a webcast, Corporate Communications and event teams can tell executives immediately if viewers reacted to their message positively

Event Dashboard Presenter Feedback

IT Coordination

Corp Comm’s teams can monitor network quality scores to alert IT and Network Operations teams when scores fluctuate, giving them the ability to use MediaPlatform’s Video Business Intelligence analytics to diagnose and remedy network QoS issues.

Event Success Dashboard Analytics

Webcast Presenter and Content Refinement

Corp Comm’s professionals can measure and track the success of presenters to improve sentiment scores through message testing and media and presentation training

Event Success Dashboard Webcast Presenter


Event Admin Dashboard
Event Admin Dashboard

Live webcast administrators and owners can assess, and report webcast quality and live viewer feedback using non-technical, intuitive widgets and displays.

Real-time Webcast Attendee Data
Real-time Webcast Attendee Data

See audience size and drill down to find specific users. View attendee-to-registrant ratio.

Record named viewers per video title
Quality of Audience Engagement

Track audience engagement by number of viewers, average length of stay, viewer drop-off points, number of "sentiment votes," poll response rates, average number of questions asked.

Sentiment Tracking
Sentiment Tracking

Monitor – live – how the presenter’s information is being positively or negatively received by audiences. Collect data across presentations for post-event analysis and comparison.

Network QoS Roll Up

Easily assess webcast effectiveness, and liaise with IT and networking teams, in real time, using roll-up scores from complex network performance information gathered by MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence analytics.

Post-event Network Diagnostics
Event Success Reporting

Generate high value reports that provide deep insights into event effectiveness. All live data is available immediately for objective, accurate assessment. No need for post-event anecdotal employee polling.

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