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MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence

MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence (VBI) gives webcast stakeholders real-time live webcast monitoring and post-event network analytics that prove that end viewers received a quality video experience and that video was effectively delivered across the corporate network as intended. VBI gives technical teams the ability to monitor and troubleshoot live event issues in real time, rather than relying on support calls or anecdotal feedback. Post-event, Network and IT teams use its massive data collection capabilities to fine-tune Smartpath delivery rules, and to identify and shore up network weak spots prior to future webcasts.

Network Visibility

VBI gives network and IT teams unparalleled visibility to monitor, in real time, how live webcasts are being delivered over internal networks and is the source for overall QoS roll up scores for the MediaPlatform Event Success Dashboard.

Actionable Insights

During live webcasts, network teams can drill down into dashboard widgets to detect, and correct, network issues at a subnet and even individual viewer level. Post-event, VBI collects extensive network performance data that can be used to pinpoint network weak spots.

Webcast KPIs

VBI enables live event admins to definitively report on exactly how many users received a live stream successfully. Customers can customize VBI webcast and event analytics to set a master webcast quality score to assure event teams that live webcasts are meeting quality thresholds.

Video Concierge User Monitoring

Proactively identify and monitor stream quality for board members, executives and other premium viewers to ensure they receive an optimal experience. Network teams can drill down and understand webcast performance down to subnet and individual users.


Real-time Webcast Attendee Data

Asset Lifecycle Management
Start up Time

Real-time failovers timeline and tracking by user
Failover Timeline

Real-time buffering timeline and tracking by user
Buffers Timeline

Real-time and historical measurement of viewer success rates
Play Success

ESD Roll Up Score

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