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MediaPlatform is committed to providing best-in-class customer care through our technology, processes, and experienced staff. Each of our support professionals is cross-trained to help you solve any problem or answer questions you may have. Our customer support group responds quickly to your concerns, allowing you to use our software optimally for video communication and ease of production.

Key elements of our customer support plans

– Access to support via email or phone

– 24/7 phone access for Priority 1 issues

– Online knowledge base and self-help tools


Open a ticket
Hotline: +1 310 909 8410 select option 2


Priority Levels

MediaPlatform offers three levels of customer support response times based on the priority level of customer issues:

Priority Level 1 / Urgent is a case where MediaPlatform software is inoperable or critical functionality is not working correctly
Response time: 1 hour

Priority Level 2 / High is a case where there is significantly degraded performance or impaired functionality, but where the customer is still primarily operational
Response time: 4 hours

Priority Level 3 / Low defines less severe problems or situations that do not qualify as a Priority Level 1 or 2 Response time: 48 hours

MediaPlatform Customer Support Services personnel are available 24x7 for Priority 1 issues.
For Priority 2 and 3 issues, our Customer Support team is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Eastern (excluding MediaPlatform holidays).

After Hours Support and Contact Method

Customers experiencing Priority 1 issues should call +1 310 909 8410 and select Option 2.

Priority Levels

To help the Customer Support Services team triage issues, we request that our customers assign a priority level to their issue or assistance request. MediaPlatform reserves the right to adjust the priority level based on our evaluation of the customer impact.