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MediaPlatform Broadcaster is a platform built exclusively for the unique requirements of business broadcasting. Not unlike its TV predecessor, businesses make significant investments in their broadcasts and they expect an ROI. Unlike consumer platforms, businesses don’t hope the right people have viewed; they expect to know. And unlike meeting platforms, businesses expect to understand how their audiences reacted to the news they’ve shared so they can respond, and invest, accordingly. MediaPlatform Broadcaster delivers these assurances, as well as exciting new formats that make every broadcast entertaining and interactive.

Browser-based Producer

Professionally produce high-impact events like CEO Town Halls and Executive All Hands meetings. We've made template creation, video switching, interactive elements an integral part of our platform so you have all the tools you need at your fingertips without having to rely on video professional equipment and skills. On the backend, Broadcaster automatically transcodes video into multiple versions so users on any network connection receive the stream.

Premium Video Sources

"Garbage in, garbage out' is a familiar video production lament. The Broadcaster platform accepts premium video sources and resolutions, from encoders to HD cameras. With many businesses heavily invested in video conferencing equipment and services, Broadcaster can use these as a source, adding interest and energy to any live webcast by making it simple to bring in experts, customers and employees located literally anywhere on the globe.

Video Content Intelligence

While stream delivery is one measure, the success of a live event should also be gauged by what the audience thought of the actual content. Broadcaster offers new sentiment tracking capabilities that producers can inject when key issues are presented. It's a powerful new way to engage online viewers and to track how employees are reacting to key initiatives.

Video Insights

MediaPlatform gives key business broadcast stakeholders the industry's most in-depth live video analytics so they can track video delivery, live viewing and audience sentiment for each Broadcaster event. IT and Network Operations teams can track video delivery down to a subnet or viewer via MediaPlatform VBI, Producers can see viewer numbers and names via Broadcaster, and Corporate Communications teams can watching rolling audience bars via the Event Success Dashboard.


Self-service Webcasting

Dynamic Templates


Video Conferencing Sources

Cloud Transcoding

Audience Sentiment Analytics

Delivery Assurance

Multi-Stakeholder Insights

Widget Library

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