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MediaPlatform Smartpath

MediaPlatform® Smartpath is a rules-based engine that defines the optimal streaming format, bit-rate and transport protocol for each corporate network site and how to manage failover and redundancy. Smartpath uniquely integrates with a wide range of network technologies – from its own MediaPlatform Edge eCDN to peering and public CDNs – and supports a wide range of streaming options – from multicast to mobile. When used with MediaPlatform VBI – its industry-leading network quality of service analytics platform – IT and Network Operations teams can monitor live stream delivery in real time, down to subnets and individual IP addresses – to detect and remedy delivery bottlenecks.

Unified Network Overlay

Smartpath provides exceptional live webcast redundancy by using all available corporate network resources, from eCDN to third-party peering and multicast providers to public CDNs. For each subnet, location and device, multi-level failover paths are set to ensure every viewer receives the best possible experience.

Network Mapping

As part of Smartpath deployment, MediaPlatform's highly specialized video network delivery services and engineering team take a deep dive into our customers' networks to ensure we know the exact topology of each network site and what the optimal experience is possible for each. Working with MediaPlatform VBI, this information is often used for post-event analysis to locate and remedy network weak points.

Quality of Experience Rules

As part of our Smartpath network mapping, we work with our customers to determine what the optimal and minimal viable video experience is that should be served to viewers, from HD-quality webcasts to audio-only version for viewers on very low bandwidth connections.

Multi-Network QoS Analytics

Smartpath provides exceptional data and granularity for video delivery during live webcasts that are fed, and captured, by MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence (VBI). This timeline-stamped data is cross-referenced with third-party peering and multicast providers to pinpoint root causes for subnets experiencing multiple failover events, buffering incidents and other.


Real-time failovers timeline and tracking by user
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VBI Analytics

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CDN Integration

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