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MediaPlatform Bridge

MediaPlatform® Bridge is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that lets admins enhance live events by allowing remote presenters to join webcasts using mainstream video conferencing tools. Bridge converts video from any SIP-based video conferencing endpoint or bridge, including those from leading providers such as Cisco, Polycom, Zoom and Pexip, into a premium source for live webcasts.

Add Remote Experts to Webinars

Bridge lets webcast admins increase interest and registration for live events by making it exceptionally convenient for coveted speakers - such as industry analysts, bellwether customers and technology gurus - to join from their home offices, rather than travel to studios or take on complex camera/encoder setups.

Globalize Company Town Halls

Easily bring in regional speakers to enhance the community and camaraderie of company-wide all hands meetings. Speakers only need a video conferencing end point or room, or access to a virtual meeting room, to become a seamless addition to the webcast.

Broadcast Collaboration Sessions

Bridge lets presenters expand virtual meetings to massive online audiences via integration with the MediaPlatform Broadcaster live webcasting platform. Leaders can use VMRs, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams meetings as a webcast source and securely broadcast to mobile, remote and global locations.

Expert-generated Content

Bridge gives organizations a simple and intuitive way for subject matter experts to create high-quality videos. Subject matter experts can use the video conferencing or collaboration technology they are already proficient with to broadcast and record institutional knowledge, enhancing information sharing.


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