Enterprise Video Solutions - Live Streaming and On-Demand

Enterprise Video Solutions

MediaPlatform customers are innovators that use video to drive their business forward. They have raised the webcasting bar to TV-quality premium business broadcasts, and have mastered video for marketing, sales enablement, informal learning and building the most talented and engaged workforces. We provide every customer with the webcasting and video solutions they require to enhance their business.

Executive Broadcasts

Leaders use premium-production, HD-quality live webcasts to make an impactful and personal connection with employees across the globe. Wherever they are, and whatever device they use, viewers come together in the virtual event.

Executitve Broadcasts


The marketers’ #1 tool for fast, cost-effective and qualified lead generation. Whether thought leadership that attracts early stage buyers to targeted customer lifecycle programs, live webinars catch attention and keep audiences captivated.


Product Launches

Draw attention to your latest product by hosting a live webinar, complete with product experts and a first-hand view of how it works. Tackle your Go-to-Market plans using webinars to prep your sales team, and fire up your global partner network.

Product Launches

Informal Video Training

Workers are already using and making video to learn how to do virtually anything . Give your employees the same, self-paced, video-rich learning environment at work so they’re on top of your offering and are helping one another with field and institutional knowledge.

User Generated Content

Video Recruiting and Retention

Attracting and keeping top talent depends on giving them the opportunity and resources they need to succeed in their careers. Show them you have what it takes with a video-rich recruiting page and feed their development with a corporate DIY video library.

Recruiting and Retention