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MediaPlatform On Demand

MediaPlatform On Demand gives organizations a single, searchable corporate video portal where they can make all of their video assets discoverable and shareable. On Demand provides a central ‘corporate YouTube’ where employees and partners can view, capture, search, view, manage, rate, and share video – from virtually anywhere and from any device. On Demand ensures that only authorized viewers can view videos and provides controls for video creation, storage and expiration.

Corporate Communications

On Demand lets company leaders and experts use readily available video sources to record and share essential information. Employees can access their company's online portal to replay video on any device, from any location and at any time.


Subject matter experts and trainers can use On Demand to easily and rapidly create videos without the historically long time frame and high cost. They can use video to streamline employee and sales onboarding, new process and technology training and skills enhancement and development that employees can watch at their convenience.

Video Consolidation

Many companies produce a wide range of video assets - from CEO Town Hall webcasts to video and web conferencing. On Demand lets companies unify video recordings from multiple, siloed systems and services into a single repository for company-wide classification, discovery and sharing.

Video Integration

Supplement and enhance the quality and usage of existing content and learning management systems by including video alongside other content. On Demand integrates with all AICC-compliant LMS systems and offers open API-based integration with CMS.


Custom Branding

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Video Governance

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