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2019 Video Trends in the Workplace

Video content has experienced unprecedented growth in the workplace in the last five years. No longer just a ‘nice to have’ technology, video is now playing an enormous role in events like product announcements, or live streams from the CEO. It’s also positively impacting how we do our jobs, as  76% of marketers report that video has played a role in increasing corporate sales.

We can learn a lot about the value of video by recognizing the success that the hottest YouTube stars have realized. These early adopters have shown us how with the right technology combined with a little perseverance and a great attitude, almost anyone can be a successful video star. While becoming a star may not be your corporate goal, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still reap the rewards of video within our workplace.

Here are a few trends we predict to see as video continues to infiltrate the workplace:

Trend #1: Video isn’t just a marketing tool

Creating videos used to fall under the control of the marketing department as they were often the only department that had the knowledge of how to operate the equipment, and the permission from upper management to create content. While professional videos created by your marketing department will remain the cornerstone of your outward-facing video content libraries, content that is specifically created for internal consumption and distribution is on the rise. And what’s really interesting is that much of that content is actually being created by the various people that work within the various departments within organizations.

It helps that modern mobile technology has taken video to a whole new level. With the ability to easily produce high quality compelling content, video creation is no longer the privilege of just a select few.  This has opened the door for departments across the enterprise to participate in video content creation. As content creation becomes easier and easier, we can expect more departments to take control of their own video content creation.

Trend #2: Video is used to help reduce internal costs

If you are one of the many organizations looking to cut costs next year, you might want to double down on your video content strategy. In an era of increasing costs, it’s a relief that there are still technologies that can save your organization thousands of dollars a year.

If you are unfamiliar with video technology you may be wondering just how video will help you cut costs, so let’s break down a typical scenario. Let’s say your CEO would like to host an all hands meeting. You might book a large venue, perhaps a hotel or conference center. Then there are some catering costs, even if it is just catering. You may also need to fly in the CEO, or other important attendees to attend the event. At this point there will also be hotel and per diem costs to consider.

As you can see, costs escalate quickly for an event that often takes only a few hours. And while no one will dispute the significance of an all hands meeting, does it really need to be held in person? By hosting the same event online through video, you can save your organization thousands of dollars.

Trend #3: Video content will improve employee training

The era of monotonous classroom lectures is almost over–at least in the workplace. Video technology is paving the way for a brand new way of learning.

Training days used to be a nightmare for employees, as they often consisted of sitting in a soulless room listening to someone talk about a topic that was often difficult to comprehend. Video on the other hand, has the ability to convey content in a much more effective way, and often has the power to bring the dullest subjects to life. In just a few seconds, animations can convey far more than a whole day in a training room.

Using video technology in the workplace also allows you to deliver training content to consumers wherever and whenever they want. Remote workers can participate in training from the comfort of their homes or from satellite offices, which of course is yet another way that helps businesses save even more money.

Modern video technology can also integrate easily with learning management systems, making it even more lucrative. Employees can easily comment, rate, and share learning and development content, while continuing to acquire and exchange additional knowledge over the LMS at their convenience.

As you begin planning for 2019, consider the many ways video can benefit your workplace.

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