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Blog: October 2023

How Video Helped T-Mobile Communicate a Large-scale Merger
Power Users

    Imagine attempting to communicate a merger between two large organizations to an audience of 45,000. Now imagine trying to communicate that message during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the majority of the workforce suddenly found themselves working remotely. That is the exact challenge T-Mobile faced earlier...

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Customer Conversations: Maximizing The Impact of the Audience Lobby Page
Power Users

By Bill Accola I hear so many interesting use cases from our Broadcaster customers that I thought others might enjoy hearing about some of these customer conversations. This week, Broadcaster’s audience Lobby page came up in two different client conversions. Fyi, for those less familiar with Broadcaster, the Lobby page...

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Notes From the Road
Video News

By Mike Newman, CEO of Mediaplatform In the past, I’ve been reluctant to distinguish, arbitrarily, among the webcasting requirements of enterprises based on them being in different verticals. At the end of the day, large, distributed (often public) enterprises share many of the same pressures to communicate internally and externally...

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