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Blog: January 2020

How Video Helped T-Mobile Communicate a Large-scale Merger
Power Users

  By Nicole Olsen Imagine attempting to communicate a merger between two large organizations to an audience of 45,000. Now imagine trying to communicate that message during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the majority of the workforce suddenly found themselves working remotely. That is the exact challenge T-Mobile...

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The Benefits of Live Broadcasted All-Hands Company Meetings
CEO Town Halls

By Nicole Olsen   Communications trends may come and go, but never underestimate the value of connecting leadership with employees.  This is why all-hands meetings (also known as town hall meetings) are so critical; They provide leaders with a forum for sharing information and results, building trust, reviewing concerns, and...

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Wainhouse Research Reveals Key Insights
Video News

By Darian Germain Wainhouse Research Reveals Key Insights, and Forecasts for, Enterprise Streaming and Webcasting We’re big fans of Wainhouse Research’s research on the enterprise video streaming industry.   In its “State of the State 2019 – Enterprise Streaming and Webcasting,” Senior Analyst Steve Vonder Haar provides a year-in-review summary of...

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Why Corporate Networks Weren’t Designed for Video: In a Nutshell
Networks 101

By Nicole Olsen Most of us use video all the time outside of work. There – online, using the internet – bandwidth usually isn’t a problem (unless your home connection needs an upgrade). At work, though, it’s a different story. Unless you’re in IT or Network Ops, or are technical,...

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Gartner Pyramid Shows Top Priorities and Use Cases for Enterprise Video
Video News

By Darian Germain   I really like where Adam Preset, Mike Fasciani and Stephen Emmott are taking their enterprise video analysis. Last month, I wrote about Adam’s *Maverick Report, a new research format that delivers micro-insights on how video-based information in the workplace already is having a seismic impact on...

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