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About the Integration

MediaPlatform WebCaster integrates with AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ from Ramp, a multicast solution for HLS. With the impending end of the Microsoft™ multicast server support and movement away from Flash, AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ provides a cost-effective, high-quality and non-invasive option rapidly becoming the industry standard.

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Powerful Rules-based Delivery Engine

The key to the integration of AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ with MediaPlatform is SmartPath technology. This solution provides enterprises with a rules-based delivery engine, which features the ability to deliver a variety of video formats to different portions of the corporate network – whether it’s HLS unicast streams or Flash-less multicasting via Ramp.

Your Network With Real-Time Visibility

The Ramp and MediaPlatform partnership is highlighted by real-time visibility into network performance during an event.

Closely Monitor Key Stream Indicators

MediaPlatform’s Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard monitors failover, buffers, play success and other key streaming indicators for live broadcasts.

Technical Highlights

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As enterprise streaming technologies increasingly consolidate to provide organizations with the flexibility to architect a video delivery approach that meets their needs, this partnership between companies with a combined two decades of behind-the-firewall live streaming experience stands out in the evolving corporate streaming space.

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