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MediaPlatform and Hive

MediaPlatform’s integration with Hive unites the industry’s most dynamic, customizable and engaging live webcasting platform with the leading WebRTC peering video delivery solution. The companies’ shared deep networking expertise gives enterprise customers the assurance that every viewer will receive the best possible live video quality experience – regardless of their location or connection – while ensuring optimal efficiency and economy in using company network resources.

Bandwidth Optimization for Live Video Streaming

Hive peering dramatically reduces the bandwidth needed to deliver live video. As a result, MediaPlatform Broadcaster customers can raise the data rate and format of their live webcasts using Adaptive Bitrate streaming to get the highest possible resolution based on the viewer's connection speed.

Cross-Platform Video for Hybrid Workforces

MediaPlatform broadcasts using Hive peering ensure that viewers using less reliable connections from home or from across the world will be connected and enaged during company-wide town halls. Hive's cross-platform support for Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows bridges technology gaps, while its extended buffer provides a safety net for bad network connections.

Video Delivery Redudancy

MediaPlatform's Smartpath network overlay technology lets customers use Hive peering along with MediaPlatform Edge servers to further optimize and provide resiliency and back up for live Broadcaster video streams. Cloud delivery via CDN can be set as a failover option and MediaPlatform Edge servers can be included in Smartpath rules to serve as origin servers to reduce first-time peering requests at the beginning of a webcast.

Mass Streaming from Microsoft Teams

Customers using Hive delivery with Microsoft Teams can also use Hive peering for premium, custom-branded and interactive mass audience live MediaPlatform Broadcaster events. Many MediaPlatform customers use Microsoft Teams for meetings with less than 250 participants and MediaPlatform Broadcaster for company-wide or external premium live events.