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MediaPlatform and Peer5

MediaPlatform’s integration with Peer5 unites the industry’s most dynamic, customizable and engaging live webcasting platform with the leading WebRTC peering video delivery solution. The companies’ shared deep networking expertise gives enterprise customers the assurance that every viewer will receive the best possible live video quality experience – regardless of their location or connection – while ensuring optimal efficiency and economy in using company network resources.

Scalable Peer-assisted Delivery

Using browser-based technology with no additional installation required, Peer5's eCDN allows each viewer to strengthen the network for additional viewers. By harnessing peer-to-peer streaming, a video stream can offload up to 95% of the bandwidth coming into the local network from the internet.

Deploy Securely and Swiftly

Deploy progressively to as many streams or users as you like with a click of a button. Simulate users before the real event with an installation-free silent testing framework. Integrate in 30 seconds with no network or hardware changes.

Video Delivery Redundancy

MediaPlatform's Smartpath network overlay technology lets customers use Peer5 peering along with MediaPlatform Edge servers to further optimize and provide resiliency and back up for live Broadcaster video streams. Customers can split video delivery by subnet or IP ranges to allow some viewers to receive streams via peering while others receive them via unicast.

Industry-leading Peering Analytics

QoS troubleshooting is hard. Peer5 provides granular breakdowns and lets admins quickly find the root cause for any streaming issue - whether it’s on the end user's device, ISP, VPN, Encoder or CDN. Analytics include delivery and UX metrics, per-user analytics, advanced breakdowns and backend API.