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Unlimited Audience Capacity for the Global Enterprise

MediaPlatform and Pexip have partnered to enable streaming of virtual meetings to audiences of unlimited size. This integration between WebCaster, the award-winning enterprise live streaming solution from MediaPlatform with the Pexip Infinity helps organizations expand the reach of meetings to audiences of unlimited size.


Expanded Reach For Video, Audio and Web Conferencing

The Pexip Infinity meeting platform provides organizations with unlimited capacity for video, audio, and web conferencing across traditionally incompatible technologies. It seamlessly combines legacy video conferencing, Microsoft Skype for Business and WebRTC for browser-based video.

Compatible With Skype For Business

In addition to interoperability between MediaPlatform and standards-based video conferencing solutions, the Pexip integration provides MediaPlatform clients the ability to include the reach of Skype for Business meetings to their webcast audiences – whether viewing on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Utilize MediaPlatform Broadcast Features

Pexip Infinity users, on the other hand, can take advantage of the set of best-in-class online corporate broadcast features from MediaPlatform that include registration, polling, Q&A, and multimedia content.

Technical Highlights

With pioneering network optimization technology and the enterprise streaming industry’s most advanced QoE and QoS monitoring system, organizations with cloud or hybrid cloud deployments of Pexip Infinity can now leverage MediaPlatform as their video distribution engine without negatively impacting their internal network.

Distributed conferencing: voice, video and data conferencing allowing any mix of participants in the same meeting – SIP, H.323, Lync, Skype, Web, Mobile, VoIP.

Distributed gateway: any-to-any gateway allowing any endpoint (e.g. Lync, Skype, Web) to call any other endpoint directly.

Distributed call control: multiprotocol SIP/H.323/WebRTC registrar, enabling advanced call processing scenarios. Simplifies deployment.

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