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Enrich Corporate Learning with Video

MediaPlatform enables organizations leveraging Learning Management Systems using the AICC standard to deliver engaging video training content to improve knowledge retention, provide anywhere, anytime learning and reach a wider audience.


More Engaging Training Content

As video rapidly becomes the preferred method of information delivery inside the enterprise, global organizations must consider implementing streaming media as part of their blended learning programs. Improve information retention by seamlessly adding multimedia instructional content into e-learning environments to create a video knowledge repository alongside other learning elements. MediaPlatform also provides the tools to add captions and transcripts to video content to make it more searchable and accessible.

Mobile and Social Learning

Make your training future-ready by integrating social and mobile video into your LMS. Allow employees to leverage everyday devices to make learning an easy and interesting process with content that can be viewed on iOS, Android or Windows. With video powered by MediaPlatform, you can augment your face-to-face training sessions and live group discussions by providing your workforce with the means to comment, rate and share learning and development content, while continuing to acquire and exchange additional knowledge over the LMS at their convenience.


Pass Course Completion Information Back to LMS

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Technical Highlights

Single sign-on integration with internal and external authentication systems.

Control who can upload or create content with roles and permissions management tools.

Superb video playback using Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) technologies and Tier 1 CDNs. Support for HDS and HLS for live.

Schedule asset lifecycle events for easy content management. Available options are: activate, deactivate, feature, unfeature and delete.

Upload video files of any size or type to the MediaPlatform portal.

MediaPlatform offers unparalleled deployment flexibility. You can choose our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, hybrid SaaS or on-premises hosting.

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