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Instant Video Content from the Organization’s Edge

Multimedia presentations are an efficient way for employees to share what they know with their colleagues. When video tools like Knovio are combined with the MediaPlatform enterprise YouTube, a company can offer anytime / anywhere access to the knowledge everyone in the organization needs to do their job more effectively.


Easy Online Presentations

With MediaPlatform Knovio, employees can create presentations from their desktop or mobile device that include high-definition webcam video, slides, PDFs, streaming media and images. Correcting presentations is easy with re-record capabilities and the ability to revise content.

Enables Knowledge Sharing

Power collaboration between employees by giving them an intuitive tool they can use to make presentations of any length. Users can add descriptions, tags and searchable transcripts with options to create channels, playlists and embed recordings in any enterprise environment. Leverage this easily accessible knowledge sharing solution to build an online repository of company-wide knowledge.


Empower training and development professionals to create video presentations and deliver them as part of a complete video e-learning platform. Boost knowledge retention inside your organization with engaging content that can include PowerPoint animations, captions, transcripts and translations. Viewer analytics are available for all MediaPlatform Knovio recordings and they can also be integrated into most Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Enhance Sales Enablement

Provide your sales team with a convenient solution for creating multimedia demonstrations that can be shared with customers and prospects. Sales and marketing professionals can now bring their presentations alive with personal video or audio commentary. Built-in editing tools allow for quick revisions to content and the preview option ensures sales demos are perfect before sharing with prospects.


Add PowerPoint, Video, Images or Audio

Synchronize Video and PowerPoint

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Remove or Add New Slides

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View Knovio Files in MediaPlatform PrimeTime

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Technical Highlights

PowerPoint Slides With Animations

Create dynamic presentations to enhance text or objects on a slide.

HD Video

Add high quality video to presentations via the webcam or file upload.

Presentations of Unlimited Length

There are no restrictions on the length of recordings created with Knovio.

Dialogue Search

Enable users to search across the entire Knovio library for specific pieces of dialogue.

Captions and Transcripts

Make knowledge more accessible with captions in any language and downloadable transcripts.

Viewable on Mobile

All Knovio recordings can be viewed on iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

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