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About the Integration

The MediaPlatform and Hive integration helps large-scale high-quality video streaming issues within private networks. This is done by allowing existing devices, such as computers, laptops and mobile devices to form a peer-based video distribution network (VDN).

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Origin Streams Via Hive Ticketing

MediaPlatform’s SmartPath technology leverages Hive Streaming’s ticketing system to display accurate origin video streams.

Full Control of Hive Clients

When users with the Hive client launch the webcast page, MediaPlatform SmartPath redirects the video player to the Hive cloud from where the peering between Hive clients can be controlled.

Maintain Stream With Failover Sources

SmartPath’s failover rules will also be leveraged. In case the Hive client cannot get play the stream, SmartPath will fail over the video player to the next available streaming source (e.g. Multicast or an unicast eCDN solution).

Collect Webcast Data About Stream Distribution

MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence (VBI) also collects relevant webcast data from the Hive Streaming P2P distribution a live event. VBI provides QoE data about the Hive Streaming distribution, including an overview, loadstart timeline, buffer by timeline and user, failovers, startup time, and play success.

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