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Mediaplatform integrates with Dotsub, a browser based tool that enables captioning of videos on the web into and from any language. Dotsub gives MediaPlatform users the ability to add captions and transcripts to any video uploaded to the portal.


Enhance Searchability

The MediaPlatform integration with Dotsub gives PrimeTime users the ability to create transcripts that enable systemwide or asset-specific dialogue searches. Make it easy for your employees and partners to quickly search for any spoken word in your entire video database. When a keyword is found in a video, a direct link is made available for instant access to the exact moment in the video where the word appears. The Dotsub integration can also be used to make your Webex recordings searchable by adding captions and transcripts after they are ingested into MediaPlatform.

Expand and Engage Your Audience

Captioned videos increase your addressable audience by more than 20% with the 11% hearing impaired population, 1.5 billion ESL speakers, and any viewer in a non-audio context. Captioned videos result in 35% more time spent. Interactive transcripts enable viewers to search within, navigate, and conduct research with video.

Use Dotsub Inside Your MediaPlatform Account

Closed captions and/or an interactive transcripts can be added directly from your MediaPlatform account. When you initiate transcription, your asset is transferred to Dotsub for processing and the transcript and captions are automatically applied to your video when they are complete.


Add Captions and Transcripts Without Leaving MediaPlatform

Search Your Entire Video Database for Any Spoken Word

Dotsub Features 2

Look for Dialogue In a Specific Asset

Dotsub Features 3

Option to Only Use Transcripts for Search Purposes

Show or Hide Transcripts

Technical Highlights

No additional software or downloads needed after enabled in your MediaPlatform account.

Downloadable transcriptions are available in any language with time codes.

Ensures your on-demand video content and webcast archives meet ADA and Section 508 accessibility requirements.

MediaPlatform also provides the option to upload existing transcripts.

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