MediaPlatform Integration for Cisco Webex™

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Video Portal for Webex Recordings

MediaPlatform provides organizations with a searchable online repository for managing, publishing and distributing Cisco Webex web conferences, online meetings and video conference recordings using the PrimeTime enterprise video portal.


Central Library for all Webex Recordings

If your organization is leveraging Webex Meeting Center, Event Center, Sales Center, Support Center or Training Center MediaPlatform is the central location for all of your Webex content. Webex files and Network-Based Recordings (NBR) can be directly uploaded from inside the PrimeTime video portal.

Reduce the Cost of Cloud Storage

Increase ROI on your investment by removing files from costly Webex storage and taking advantage of an enterprise video content management solution that automatically converts the proprietary Cisco format to  your desired file type. Add titles, descriptions, tags and attachments to Webex recordings and create playlists, share links or embed on internal sites. MediaPlatform also makes Webex recordings easily viewable on tablet or smartphone.

Search Across Webex Files

Webex recordings are now made searchable with MediaPlatform. Search across your entire Webex database for a content on a particular topic or filter by individual creator. MediaPlatform also provides the ability to add captions and transcripts to Webex content to allow users to find specific pieces of dialogue in a presentation.


Portal for Webex Recordings

Log into Webex from PrimeTime

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Import Webex Recordings

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Add Descriptions and Tags

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Technical Highlights

MediaPlatform transcodes multiple output formats to support all browsers and devices.

Superb video playback quality, using Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) technologies and Tier1 CDNs.

Secure user access based on viewer permissions.

No limit on file size.

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