MediaPlatform Adobe Solutions

MediaPlatform is an Adobe Technology Solution Partner. As part of the Adobe ecosystem, we are an approved online digital video solution provider that can help build, customize, and implement Adobe video solutions.

Video Platform and Publishing

To become an Adobe video platform and publishing partner, MediaPlatform was required to display expertise in helping large and medium sized enterprises with all aspects of publishing your video online. Our online video platform helps enterprises with the uploading and managing of video content, provides encrypted delivery of live or on demand content, and allows distribution of content through social media networks. We also allow you to monetize your video content, and measure performance with analytics.

MediaPlatform is the best in class Enterprise YouTube that gives large organizations the tools to manage their corporate or employee contributed rich media content. MediaPlatform builds community and user engagement with friendly video search and browsing, video upload, video capture, annotation, sharing, and more. This media management software allows you to create a custom online enterprise video platform/portal.

Live Broadcast Services

Whether you’re a media company or a global organization that needs to publish and distribute video on the web, picking the right Adobe solution partner is critical to delivering live events. The MediaPlatform live solution supports all aspects of live and on-demand video. We provide a full range of comprehensive publishing services that include the management, monetization, and measurement of webcasts, targeted internal communications channels, and streaming video libraries.

MediaPlatform, Inc. is the best in class enterprise webcasting tool for global organizations and digital media producers. MediaPlatform allows you to easily produce webcasts with presenters in one or multiple locations and reach audiences in excess of tens of thousands of live concurrent viewers. It enables you to produce, broadly distribute and monitor deeply interactive live and on-demand multimedia presentations that feature streaming video, PowerPoint slides, audio, surveys, polls, screencasting and social media integration.

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