Skype for Business and Enterprise Video

In an increasingly dispersed global workforce, understanding why How Skype for Business Has Democratized Enterprise Video is important for IT, Corporate Communications and Unified Communications. Microsoft’s Skype for Business has quickly become one of the most widely deployed unified communications solutions available. With high C-level brand awareness and an easy-to-use user interface, a growing number of executives are encouraging their IT staff to leverage Skype for Business as their UC platform.

Trends are aligning. The time to support business streaming throughout the enterprise is now. Using the familiar Skype for Business interface, anyone in your organization can present to the masses. Tune in to find out why our expert analyst believes that we are on the cusp of a streaming revolution, and how it will help your working teams.

View this free webinar recording where we will discuss:

  • Advantages of large-scale Skype for Business broadcasts for interactive executive messaging and employee engagement
  • How to easily scale Skype for Business beyond 10,000 simultaneous viewers – without disrupting network traffic
  • Learn how to access useful business intelligence data in real-time, such as QoS and QoE, buffering and failover information, for any corporate meeting or event
  • Best practices for working with a corporate events team to produce high-quality Skype for Business events