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Enliven Your Broadcaster Live Events with Audience-Favorite Third-Party Apps

Everyone has their favorite ways to engage online audiences – whether through chat, word clouds, polling or entertaining music or videos, these applications offer the chance to elevate your live webcast from a passive to an active, exciting experience.

While MediaPlatform Broadcaster offers a host of native interaction capabilities – from Q&A to surveys, polls, sentiment voting and more – we’re pleased to allow our customers to also use other engagement tools that they may prefer.

We make this possible via Broadcaster’s iframe component, which can be used to surface third-party applications in two ways: for the audience’s use and enjoyment and for the production team’s behind-the-scenes communications during a live webcast.

Here are a just a few of the ways our customers use the Broadcaster iframe component:

1) Warming audiences up in the Broadcaster lobby page before events begin with music (Spotify playlists) and video (MediaPlatform On Demand, YouTube, Vimeo);

2) Enhancing audience entertainment and participation using the iframe to surface polls, raffles, surveys, and word clouds from tools like MeetingPulse, Mentimeter and Slido, Microsoft Forms and Google Forms during live webcasts;

3) Embedding views of web pages and microsites that can provide audiences with additional content whether pre-event on the Lobby Page or during events;

4) Giving producers a private communications channel – whether using applications like ChatRoll, or Google Docs and spreadsheets – via which they can coordinate production tasks in real time;

5) Allowing event production teams to share Backstage views of performance dashboards, such as Grafana, Microsoft Power BI, Looker Studio);

6) Enabling producers to include a view of social media sites to stay abreast of breaking news and conversations during events.

Unlike meeting solutions that lock producers into using only their proprietary features, the Broadcaster iframe component lets live event producers unleash their creativity to design unexpected, fun, and unique audience experiences.

By Darian Germaine, VP of Marketing, MediaPlatform

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