Purchasing Webcasting Platform vs. Pay as You Go Webcasts

Video webcasting has become the preferred method for large-scale executive messaging at organizations that include Abbott Laboratories, ConocoPhillips, EY, General Motors and Sprint. CEO town halls and All-Hands events featuring PowerPoint slides, pre-recorded content, chat, and Q&A, provide the C-suite and department managers with the ability to easily engage the global workforce, while also reducing costs.

Luckily, your organization has flexibility when deciding how to best take advantage of the power of live streaming. An annual software license for a self-service enterprise webcasting platform or pay as you go full-service events run by veteran live streaming professionals both allow you to leverage video to improve internal communications.

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  • Tips for selecting an enterprise webcasting platform
  • To Buy or Rent? Choosing the webcasting scenario that’s best for your organization’s needs
  • Transitioning from full-service to self-service webcasting
  • Examples of how companies across a variety of verticals are leveraging webcasting