Enabling All-Hands Webcasts with Your Videoconferencing Platform

If your organization is like most enterprises, you’re already utilizing a videoconferencing tool for internal communications and collaboration. VCUs are proven solutions for powering interaction between employees, but these applications are not well-suited for large-scale CEO Town Halls and All-Hands presentations that need to be viewed live by a globally dispersed workforce.

Integrating an enterprise YouTube with your videoconferencing system will help your organization overcome the limitations of these popular tools. Deliver live webcasts featuring high-quality video, pre-recorded content, slides and Q&A to audiences of unlimited size, while also providing a single platform for managing web conference recordings and other corporate media assets.

View this webinar recording where we discuss:

  • How to overcome the audience size limitations of videoconferencing tools
  • Solving low bandwidth issues at remote offices with the network optimization features of an enterprise YouTube
  • The benefits of utilizing a central location for managing all video content
  • Why pairing a Quality of Service dashboard with a videoconferencing tool ensures the best viewing experience for your entire workforce