The Enterprise YouTube for the Energy Sector

Maintaining a connection with a large and highly dispersed workforce can be a challenge for organizations in the oil and gas industry. The enterprise YouTube provides companies that include Royal Dutch Shell and Phillips 66 with a video platform for live executive messaging through CEO town halls that feature slides, chat, Q&A, surveys and more.

And with the need for continuous training and development programs unique to the energy industry, the enterprise YouTube also serves as a dedicated on-demand video learning environment where programs can be easily created and tracked for effectiveness.

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  • How companies are delivering live all-hands events to employees and contractors on oil rigs and other remote locations
  • The benefits of utilizing on-demand video to improve daily operational activities from the field all the way to retail
  • How employee generated video is powering knowledge sharing between workers across entire organizations
  • The power of a Quality of Experience dashboard to ensure the success of video communication, learning and collaboration programs