Mastering Crisis Communications

It is inevitable that all business will face crisis in one form or another. Responding the right way during these times can help a company build trust and transparencywith their customers and employees. A successful corporate communication strategy to deal with a crisis head-on can help reduce corporate rumors, build trust and help employees feel committed to their company.

When a crisis occurs, employees must have have trust in management. Even if management doesn’t have all the answers right away, it’s important to keep employees in the loop from the beginning. Join MediaPlatform and Paul Barton, a veteran communications consultant, to learn how to communicate effectively to employees in a time of crisis and successfully strategize the corporate issue at hand.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to anticipate a crisis and organize an effective management team through crisis prediction, preparation and practice
  • Ways to build trust in your company by leading through the heart
  • How to utilize modern technology to establish communication channels with employees and staff in case of an adverse event