Improve Corporate Training and Development with Video

Today’s corporate training and development professionals are faced with the challenges of improving program effectiveness and closing the skills gaps of an increasingly dispersed group of employees and partners. With the need to create a compelling library of content that can be tailored to a variety of learning styles and viewed in real-time or on-demand, a flexible and user-friendly solution is a must.

Video platforms provide with a customizable and interactive, web-based portal that can be implemented across all locations to improve training and development. With live or archived presentations viewable on desktop, tablet or smartphone, a video solution is a cost-effective and easy to deploy technology that is rapidly becoming the knowledge management tool of choice at organizations such as Abbott Laboratories, Ericsson, EY, and NEC.

Please join this webinar to learn:

  • Tips for leveraging video in your virtual classrooms
  • Integrating live video into Learning Management Systems
  • Benefits of a single video platform for all learning and development needs