Improve Corporate Webcasting by Enhancing Video Quality of Experience

Corporate video producers and audiences now expect a broadcast-quality viewing experience. The only way to do that is with highly granular analytics that help assess and improve Quality of Experience and Quality of Service. Watch this roundtable recording to hear insights into how to get the most out of your data, and how to make sure your viewers get the quality they expect.

Topics we cover in this webinar include the following:

  • The four key indicators for analyzing video quality of experience for an enterprise webcast
  • How to utilize system, stream, network, and user level data
  • The ways prescriptive analytics can ensure webcasting success
  • Encoding considerations for the various types of networks
  • Measuring QoE in DASH-based adaptive streaming—start-up delay, buffering, quality switches and media throughput
  • Optimizing adaptive streaming with the QoE data—pick the most appropriate quality level based on measured parameters
  • Real-time insights with real-time monitoring—use cases and customer examples