Employee Engagement Best Practices from UCLA and MediaPlatform

Being a company cheerleader is no simple task. Today’s fast-paced work environment makes it increasingly challenging to keep employees fully engaged. More and more, employees are dispersed throughout multiple geographic locations or divided into teams, helping disconnect them from each other and company culture.

Research shows that high employee engagement leads to boosted employee performance and greater retention levels. Increasing employee engagement has become a mandate for today’s human resources and corporate communications professional.

In this webinar, MediaPlatform and Steve Yu, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Dean at UCLA School of Law, provide solutions to keeping employees motivated and engaged, no matter the industry or number of employees at your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

    • Employee engagement do’s and don’ts
    • How to utilize interactivity tools to keep employees motivated and mentally invested
    • How to build transparency in your organization through technology
    • Tips to bridge the gap between executives and employees and promote departmental collaboration           
    • How to introduce video technology to your company that’s proven to increase transparency in the workplace