7 Questions to Ask When Selecting an E-Learning Video Platform

The challenge for training and development professionals implementing elearning initiatives is not only creating compelling content, but also ensuring the effectiveness of their programs. Research shows that organizations integrating video into their elearning activities achieve higher levels of engagement with training material, greater knowledge retention and overall gains in employee performance.

Video elearning platforms for the enterprise provide an easy-to-use solution for developing interactive presentations for employees or partners, as well as delivering existing content to today’s dispersed workforce. Live streams with PowerPoint slides, chat, or Q&A and recordings from sources including Webex and Skype for Business can all be managed and searched inside a central video platform built to enhance the corporate elearning experience.

View the webinar recording to learn the seven most important questions to ask when evaluating video elearning platforms. In this video and slides presentation we discuss:

  • Integrating video into your Learning Management System
  • Testing and issuing certificates with an elearning video platform
  • How adding searchable transcripts to all video content boosts viewership and engagement
  • Leveraging videoconferencing tools to create an interactive online classroom environment
  • Measuring real-time engagement with elearning courses