Tips On Successful Corporate Broadcasting

Find out how to produce your company’s most professional webcast to date. In this webinar, MediaPlatform and Malone Media will explain the basics of livestream event production, and provide clear steps on how to to do it well. When it comes to corporate communications, both internal and external, nothing is more effective in broadcasting a message than video. As enterprise video tools and platforms have matured, so have audience expectations in what they hope to gain from a well-produced live corporate event. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create engaging executive messaging that streams to an entire workforce
  • How to deliver your content to any audience size, regardless of device or location
  • Understand the tools available for live event interactivity, such as Q&As, chat, polls and surveys
  • How to manage real-time analytics that help capture attendee information and data points
  • How to gain the most ROI from your live stream by auto-archiving your event