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The Importance of Leveraging a Single Enterprise Video Solution

A unified video solution brings enterprise video creation, management, and access together, it also allows each department to use video in the most meaningful way for their unique needs. An easy-to-use unified video portal designed for enterprise communications can also engage employees and empower them to communicate more fully and share knowledge with one another.

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Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1 2015

MediaPlatform has been recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as a Leader in the report, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1 2015. MediaPlatform was among those cited for interactive and customizable webcasting player experiences and excellent features for video content management.

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Frost & Sullivan Global Enterprise Webcasting Award

Based on Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of the enterprise video webcasting market, MediaPlatform is the winner of the Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.


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Webcasting vs. Web Conferencing

These two technologies seem fundamentally similar, but they actually serve quite different needs. Web conferencing uses software that enables groups of people to meet online in a collaborative setting, whereas webcasting is meant for rich media presentation to an online audience. Essentially, Web conferencing is for meetings while webcasting tools are for events.

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Integrating Video into Your SharePoint Site

Videos and webcasts are revolutionizing the way teams and organizations communicate with each other. The enterprise YouTube is increasingly being used to facilitate knowledge-sharing, internal communications and training within the globally dispersed enterprise. Unfortunately for SharePoint users, the portal lacks the native capability to fully support rich media webcasting and on-demand video to all desktop and mobile devices.

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The Enterprise Video Superguide

Collaboration, communication, and documentation have been the mainstay of video use by large organizations, but uses continue to quickly evolve. Pervasive use of video throughout an organization is certainly the current affair, and finding the ROI for investing in a strategy that allows everyone to capture, organize, and share the content is being hammered out on boardroom tables across the world.

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The Role of Video in the BYOD Revolution

“Bring your own device” or BYOD increases productivity and mobility for organisations and job satisfaction for their employees. With a third of the estimated 760 million tablets and smartphones that will be sold worldwide by 2016 active in the increasingly dispersed enterprise, providing employees with the tools to collaborate and share knowledge is essential.

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Five Ways the Enterprise YouTube Improves Internal Communications

Video as a vehicle for training dates back to the military and defense industries’ training videos used during WWII. In much the same way that governments use video to engage and train their personnel, corporations are leveraging the immersive capabilities of “socialized” live streaming of video content to accomplish an array of objectives. As the name “enterprise YouTube” suggests, software providers have taken design cues from YouTube and Facebook to create internal video sharing platforms to help engage employees and shareholders.

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Improve Enterprise Learning and Training with the Enterprise YouTube

An internal company video portal, or enterprise YouTube, can support corporate training and workforce development by cultivating active learners in the workforce through the use of on-demand and live content. Active learners are ideally suited to adopting new technologies, systems, and methodologies, which in turn translates into improved efficiencies and ROI, making the case for investing in technology that helps turn passive learners into active ones.

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Making Your Business More Social with an Enterprise YouTube

The possibilities for creating the next evolution in collaborative communications via on-demand
video are intriguing and endless for enterprises. Enterprise YouTubes can support town halls,
executive communications, HR training, knowledge sharing and collaboration across local and geographically dispersed teams, by leveraging the real-time functionality and social features of
public video sharing platforms.

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Better Employee Engagement, Collaboration and Productivity with Video

Video is quickly becoming the most compelling tool for companies with engaged, collaborative and productive workforces. Read this white paper to learn how the MediaPlatform enterprise YouTube helps organizations achieve these goals.

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Improve Employee Engagement with Employee Generated Content

How do you keep employees in the loop when the home office is in Kansas, but a huge segment of the team is in Bangalore? Corporate video has been used to connect employees, clients and stakeholders, for some time, but to employ a 20th-century format, in which static content is generated and produced at the executive level, would be to miss out on the enormous benefits and potential for higher engagement to be found in Employee Generated Content or EGC.

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Managing Security in Enterprise Video

Use of online video is increasing in the enterprise. Whether it is used for training, internal communication, or external-facing presentations, video is now a permanent fixture of the corporate information technology landscape. As such, video should be viewed as an information asset subject to security policies. Placing video into the corporate infosec program, however, has its challenges.

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The Changing Landscape of Video Delivery in the Enterprise

In this white paper for IT professionals and other decision makers, official Adobe Community Professional Lisa Larson-Kelley discusses new technologies and solutions that can help you deliver richer interactive video content while actually reducing costs. You’ll see how you can use your existing infrastructure to deliver full featured, cost-effective streaming across your entire organization — without the complexity you may have encountered in the past.

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The Business Case for Event Webcasting

Webcasting is far more than just putting video on the web. Corporate webcasting is a process of making business presentations come alive to a web audience using specialized software tools that combine video, PowerPoint, Q&A, and other interactive features.

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Multicast Fusion on the Adobe® Flash® Platform

In the spring of 2010, MediaPlatform worked closely with Adobe to implement the first real world test of Flash multicasting using Flash Media Server 4 (FMS 4) and our own WebCaster enterprise webcasting tool. For this process, we developed the world’s first hybrid multicast enabled Flash player. We chose to test our game-changing product at the site of a long-time client, a Fortune 500 company with the kind of massive, global network infrastructure that made the process challenging but exactly the type of real world scenario we and Adobe wanted.

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Building Consensus on Enterprise Video

The use of online video in the enterprise environment has reached an inflection point. It’s no longer an optional or “nice to have” feature of corporate life. It’s a key ingredient of communication, training, collaboration, and management. This development is not necessarily viewed as good news by everyone involved in the delivery of video in the enterprise, however.

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Finding the Empowering Balance in Webcasting

As the art of webcasting grows more sophisticated, expectations for online presentations from both audience members and executive presenters grow more demanding. If you’re responsible for online presentations, these expectations may be causing you some challenges.

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Will Video Require a Huge Increase in Network Capacity?

Video is taking over your network. As a network professional, you’re probably already aware of the steady growth of video being used in the corporate environment. According to Gartner analysts, here are some significant facts about enterprise video:

  • 30 percent of data traffic on typical corporate networks is comprised of video communication
  • By next year, video could comprise 40 percent of all data traffic
  • In order to manage that amount of data traffic, organizations will have to boost the capacity of their networks 100Xs

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Solving the Video Content Conundrum

This white paper aims to address the challenges organizations face when trying to find a viable solution to manage their online video content and offers MediaPlatform’s PrimeTime as a logical answer to this conundrum.

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Choosing the Right Encoding Method

To deliver live video to your audience using Adobe® Flash® streaming technology, that video must be encoded into a compressed format, such as H.264 or VP6 1. The encoding is necessary so that the video can be viewed by remote audience members in video players such as Adobe’s Flash Player.

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The Video Webinar

The webinar remains a remarkably effective way to connect with potential clients and other audiences. However, the newness of the concept has worn off and audiences are now expecting a higher level of engagement in the experience. To make the connection with your audience and keep them tuned in, you will need more than just a great topic and well-presented content.

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