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Virtual Events Solution

We’ve heard from you! The Covid-19 crisis has virtually put an end to in-person events (for now). But you still need a way to announce your new products, update your customers and motivate your partners and employees.

The answer? The show must go on…line! Make your events virtual using the power of live video to attract and excite remote audiences.

MediaPlatform’s team of event experts will work with you to create a dynamic, customized video-rich experience that’s worthy of your brand– and your audience’s time.

Our Fortune 500 customers are in the same boat as you are, which means that our virtual events include a few things you won’t find in consumer platforms like:

Dynamic, flexible webcast templates that let you design any number of layouts – using video, slides, graphics, text overlays and themes– and switch between them during your event to keep audiences at the edge of their seats

Incredible video quality, with no limits on resolution, that we can take from production-grade cameras, encoders, meeting software or desktop webcams

Ways to bring your remote viewers into the event, enticing them with sentiment voting icons, polls, surveys and question and answer chat

Precise and definitive measurements – so you can see who joined your events, the quality of their viewing experience, and what they thought of the information you presented.

Let’s get your Virtual Event rolling!

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