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Enterprise Video Producers

Serving the Needs of Enterprise Video Producers

While there are millions of people using video in business, there’s an elite cadre of corporate video producers – with television-grade, globally dispersed production studios and highly specialized teams – who are creating the upper echelons of high-production value content.

Our enterprise video suite is designed for those producers – from our flagship live webcasting platform – MediaPlatform Broadcaster, to our delivery and analytics solutions and our white-glove support and Broadcast Services teams, we exclusively serve the needs of this elite group charged with creating extremely high-profile events – such as CEO Town Halls – where there’s little tolerance for error.

In our decades of serving these professionals, they’ve told us their priorities are:

  • Extremely High Production Quality – Leading the list is corporate video producers’ requirement for creating and delivering extremely high quality, multimedia experiences. This includes extensive control over what goes out to audiences, from very high-resolution sources through to encoding, bandwidth and network delivery parameters. Their studio teams need a backstage environment where producers across the globe can execute the run of show, and adapt to changes, in real time. And they often also require vendors whose support experts can serve as an integral part of the largest webcasts.


  • Customized Branding and Experience – Enterprise video producers are usually found in the world’s largest corporations that are highly invested in, and protective of, their global brands. They demand that every aspect of their live video productions be completely aligned with their brand guidelines – from logo placement to colors to fonts, photography, video and audio standards, and use/frequency and tone of audience interaction. MediaPlatform Broadcaster offers them design/overlay/resize a range of media elements into layouts that can be storyboarded in advance, or created on the fly, during live webcasts.


  • Accountable Audience Engagement – Our producers have no tolerance for ‘spray and pray’ webcasts; they, and the executives they serve, require exhaustive visibility into the experiences that are being delivered to their audiences. During live events, corporate producers need to detect, and remedy, any network, buffering or regional issues – down to each viewer. They need to track audience reactions, using sentiment voting, Q&A, polls, surveys and other engagement tools. And post-event, they need comprehensive viewership reports with names, duration, location, device, network and other viewer characteristics.


  • Automation and Scale – With video volume growing exponentially, corporate video teams need to ‘do more with less,’ using enterprise-class platforms that let them reuse premium content, webcast templates and video delivery rules. MediaPlatform Autocaster is an automated webcasting platform that allows production teams to schedule and monitor autoplay events (or ‘autocasts’) that have been preproduced and scheduled to run in advance – each with distinct audiences and live Q&A with subject matter experts – without requiring producers or engaging control studio equipment.


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