White Paper: The Importance of Leveraging a Single Enterprise Video Solution

One Platform for the Entire Enterprise

Enterprises have been using video for decades. However, for most of those years, enterprise video usage came from the top down on an infrequent basis. Today, everyone within an organization carries a mini video production studio in their pockets, briefcases, and purses. Widespread availability of smartphones and webcams have opened the doors to what is mostly commonly known as the enterprise “YouTube.”

Now that corporate video is being generated from the bottom up, organizations are ill-prepared to manage all of the content. Without a video content management solution in place, organizations face an increased risk of employee generated videos winding up on public video sharing platforms. Even when an organization’s media assets remain safely contained within the company’s firewall, video content is unwieldy, poorly tagged, and spread across multiple silos. It is also difficult to find by the users who need it the most.