White Paper: The Changing Landscape of Enterprise Video Delivery

Streaming Video Within the Enterprise

Streaming media has the potential to revolutionize communication within large organizations. It can help drive collaboration and provide consistent and timely communication that reaches everyone, regardless of their location. Unfortunately, this potential is often limited by the realities of budget‐strained corporate networks and shortcomings in video delivery solutions. With the rapid growth being seen in online media consumption, managing network traffic efficiently has never been more important.

Multicast delivery is one very effective way to manage bandwidth when dealing with large‐scale broadcasts of video and audio data. While multicast solutions such as Windows Media have traditionally met the basic needs of enterprise customers for bandwidth‐efficient streaming, there is a growing demand for interactivity and wider reach. Audiences expect rich features such as audience polling, email integration, archive editing, and customized event interfaces, and they want to be able to participate wherever they are, on any device.