Powering E-Learning with Video

There was once a time when workplace learning was uninspiring and involved nothing more than a classroom, an instructor, and a heavy binder of content. An evolution in how training is created and delivered is changing all that.

Advances in mobile and cloud technology, fueled by the influx of a tech savvy hyper-connected generation, is creating a demand for interactive and innovative approaches to workplace learning. This has opened the door to powerful e-learning technologies, like enterprise video platforms, a.k.a. enterprise YouTubes, that enable on-demand and live video, which are helping transfer knowledge and skills in the workplace through video, rather than traditional in-person training.

By offering a more impactful learning experience, companies embracing the enterprise YouTube for e-learning are benefitting from a collaborative, engaged, and educated workforce. Best of all, these companies are seeing an immediate impact on their bottom line without having to wait long for a return on investment.