White Paper: Improve Corporate Communication with Video

Discover how to improve communication with your employees through video. In this free guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform, you can take in the best tactics from industry leaders and promote active listening during live meetings.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Benefit from using video to increase transparency in the workplace
  • How to start small with video, and expand on your company’s current communication strategy
  • How to get your subjects out of their comfort zone—and into the audience’s
  • How to use video and interactivity tools to build trust and increase dialogue
  • How video allows live polls and chats that boost engagement
  • Ways to connect webcast viewers through geography
  • What “executive hangouts” can do for your organization

Nearly every communicator is trying to harness the power of video—the most compelling and personal channel around. But how to do it right?

From boosting engagement to creating in-house communications stars, video offers an array of advantages over other channels. This guide explains how to cash in on those benefits.