Webinar: Introducing MediaPlatform Webcasting QoE

Prescriptive QoE Analytics for Live Video

MediaPlatform Video Business Intelligence (VBI) is a QoE and QoS dashboard that collects data in real-time and provides quality of service analytics for CEO Town Hall webcasts, employee All-Hands broadcasts and e-learning sessions.

As Business Intelligence (BI) platforms have become common tools inside organizations across all industries, in addition to standard BI data points, forward-thinking IT professionals are also asking for greater intelligence regarding the performance of their video communications programs.

To meet the demand for insight regarding the ability of corporate networks to support the digital workplace, MediaPlatform introduced the world’s first business intelligence product focused exclusively on offering analytics for live video streaming across corporate networks.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How a webcasting QoE dashboard can provide the most critical information needed to troubleshoot live presentations in real-time
  • Tips on how to drill down to the individual user level to analyze viewer experience