MediaPlatform’s Enterprise Online Video Platform Goes Mobile

PrimeTime Now Offers iOS & Android Support, More Customization, HTTP Streaming & Remote LDAP

Streaming Media EastNEW YORK CITY, May 10, 2011—MediaPlatform, the provider of cloud-based webcasting and media management software, today announced mobile support and other significant upgrades to PrimeTime, its YouTube-like software for the enterprise.  PrimeTime, a rich media management/online video platform, enables organizations to preserve, organize, rate and centralize valuable knowledge and corporate media.  The new version is now compatible with Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads and most Android devices with Flash, provides a completely customizable user interface, and supports HTTP Streaming for more powerful video delivery and remote LDAP for easy sign-in within the enterprise.

“We’re in the midst of a big surge in the use of both video and mobile devices in the enterprise, a reflection of a changing workforce and an increase in corporate virtualization,” said Greg Pulier, founder and president, MediaPlatform.   “As a result, people need a central platform that enables them to organize, share and locate the videos on whatever device they are using. The new version of PrimeTime – with iOS mobile support — makes it easy to keep track of these videos across both private and public channels while also enabling enterprises to customize the interface for the individual needs of the entire organization and the individual groups that are using it.”

PrimeTime was first introduced in 2008 to make all media content accessible in one place for easy retrieval and sharing.  The platform, available in both on-premises and software-as-a-service (SaaS) versions, increases the reach of video and webcasts in an organization because viewers can watch at their own convenience, search for videos, rate and comment on videos, and share them at their convenience.  Channel and social networking features let employees and partners help one another find valuable organizational knowledge. Back-end security and administrative features, such as role-based permissions, provide access control and related security.

New iOS and Android Support, Other New Features

By default, if users upload a video into the new PrimeTime, it will encode for HTTP Streaming playback in both Flash players and iOS devices. When loading the homepage or a particular video page, the page will detect if the viewer is coming from an iOS device and will load a special page that uses an HTML5 video player and plays the iOS compatible HTTP Stream.  PrimeTime is also compatible with most Android devices that have Flash installed.

In addition to iOS and Android support, the new version of PrimeTime provides:

  • Administrative privileges at the channel level, enabling individual groups within the organization to manage their own dedicated, access controlled PrimeTime channels.
  • HTTP Streaming Support: Since most network equipment is optimized for HTTP traffic, PrimeTime can now leverage that optimization for more powerful delivery of video on demand (VOD) across the organization.
  • Remote Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Support: By offering remote LDAP support, PrimeTime users do not have to log in separately to PrimeTime, they will already be logged in through their enterprise’s standard LDAP.
  • More standardized reporting and analytic capability on system usage.
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