Autocaster® Preproduction & Automated Webcast Replay Platform
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MediaPlatform Announces MediaPlatform Autocaster® Preproduction & Automated Webcast Replay Platform

MediaPlatform Autocaster Lets Corporate Video Teams Dramatically Expand Event Output without Additional Headcount or Infrastructure Investments

LOS ANGELES, CA — January 24, 2023 – MediaPlatform today unveiled MediaPlatform Autocaster®, an automated webcasting platform that allows enterprise video production teams to schedule and monitor autoplay events (or ‘autocasts’) that have been preproduced and scheduled to run in advance without requiring producers or engaging control studio equipment.

‘Autocasts’ can include real-time audience engagement tools to collect and reflect feedback from each group of live viewers, and capture per-event analytics including attendance and viewing characteristics. To help producers manage their expanded live event programming, Autocaster also includes an event monitoring dashboard that enables producers to quickly view and monitor scheduled ‘autocasts’ remotely and around the clock.

MediaPlatform Autocaster® enables enterprises to pre-produce all aspects of webcasts to reduce talent and resource bottlenecks, to reduce live event points of failure and to engage additional audiences by repurposing recorded video as the centerpiece of a dynamic live audience experience.

Key benefits include:

Scale Video/Webcasting Teams: Autocaster gives producers the power to significantly increase production team output without increasing headcount or buying additional equipment. Teams can produce events in advance and schedule multiple simultaneous events, to autoplay at prescribed times. Each ‘autocast’ can be customized with regional (time zones and multi-lingual closed captions) or audience-specific (titles and other metadata) and can be used to support new internal customers – such as Training and Marketing business units.

Schedule Autoplay: Much like television broadcast automation, Autocaster lets corporate video production teams pre-schedule the start and playout times of their content for sophisticated around-the-clock programming that doesn’t require manual intervention. Producers can keep an eye on the KPIs for any event via consolidated event monitoring for both ‘autocasts’ and Broadcaster live webcast programming.

Centrally Monitor Live Event Programming: Autocaster gives video producers a single, consolidated dashboard where they can monitor any number of Autocaster scheduled and autoplay events along with live Broadcaster webcasts. In this way, producers who used to be confined to producing a single live webcast at a time can now launch and monitor dozens of Autocaster autoplay events while producing a live webcast.

Pre-Produce Scheduled Events: Autocaster eliminates common live production snafus by allowing event producers to fully produce important events prior to broadcasting them. Producers can record experts and guest speakers when they are available, and fully produce (or retake) event video – and encode it – ahead of time. Producers can ‘dry run’ the complete audience experience – from lobby to event layouts to video delivery – prior to the actual ‘autocast’ while also removing any need for an encoder or other common live event points of failure.

“We developed Autocaster jointly with our Broadcaster customers who needed a way to serve growing demand for around-the-clock live events during a period of post-pandemic economic uncertainty and budgetary restraint,” said Mike Newman, CEO of MediaPlatform.

“Autocaster brings the advantages of broadcast operations automation into the world of live webcasting. It gives corporate video professionals a powerful new platform for preproducing, replaying and monitoring webcasts as part of a pre-set programming lineup that bypasses the bottleneck of needing a live producer or encoder for each live event,” Newman said.

Autocaster joins MediaPlatform’s enterprise video suite which also includes its flagship MediaPlatform Broadcaster® live webcasting platform, the MediaPlatform® On Demand video content management portal, MediaPlatform Edge eCDN and MediaPlatform’s distribution-agnostic Smartpath intelligent video routing technology, and MediaPlatform’s real-time analytics suite including the Event Success Dashboard quality of experience and Video Business Intelligence quality of service offerings.

MediaPlatform’s innovation continues to be recognized by top industry analysts. The company was named a Leader in the 2022 Aragon Research Globe and a Leader by Gartner Research in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM). MediaPlatform also has been named a key provider in several recent reports including the Forrester Tech Tide, the Gartner EVCM Market Guide and Wainhouse Research’s Enterprise Streaming Solutions and Services Report.

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