MediaPlatform Releases Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Leading Enterprise Video Platform Releases MediaPlatform SmartEdge

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 5, 2014 – Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit – MediaPlatform, Inc. (, the leading enterprise video platform enabling on-demand streaming and live rich media webcasting, today announced the release of its new enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) product. Called MediaPlatform SmartEdge the technology is an eCDN focused on the acceleration and optimization of HTTPS video delivery across corporate networks.

As enterprises increasingly leverage video for corporate communications, training, knowledge sharing and collaboration, the ability to deliver streaming content without negatively impacting corporate networks is increasingly important. SmartEdge provides network-friendly delivery of secure, high quality on-demand video and live rich media webcasts to any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

“Our enterprise clients are constantly pushing us to help them make video an integral part of their entire organization,” said Denis Khoo, MediaPlatform Chief Technology Officer. “With SmartEdge, enterprises can more easily overcome the bandwidth limitation hurdle, and make video as commonplace as email.”

SmartEdge is a cost efficient solution for deploying an eCDN specifically for video served from MediaPlatform PrimeTime and WebCaster, which combine to form the industry’s most robust enterprise video content management solution. This is in contrast to generic HTTP optimization devices, which focus on generic caching of all HTTP traffic, and which have high implementation costs that make deploying them strictly for video traffic too expensive for most organizations. SmartEdge can work as the sole distribution platform for video across an organization, or in conjunction with other enterprise or internet based CDNs.

SmartEdge is comprised of autonomous edge nodes with fallback capability to maintain redundancy in the network distribution system. Each node is strategically positioned to serve as an edge cache for edge network locations where caching and pre-positioning are needed to provide optimal video quality with minimal network impact. SmartEdge is capable of caching video on the fly and uses an intelligent, automatic routing logic which ensures that each end user pulls content from the appropriate location.

Key Benefits of MediaPlatform SmartEdge
• End-to-end corporate video communications solution
• Deliver video without disruption of existing network traffic
• Reach any viewer, anywhere on any device
• No costly hardware upgrades
• Support for HTTP streaming and byte range requests
• Engaging social portal for video content management

About MediaPlatform
MediaPlatform, Inc. is an enterprise video platform enabling on-demand streaming and live rich media webcasting for corporate communications, training, collaboration and knowledge sharing. MediaPlatform provides organizations with the tools to deliver streaming content to internal or external viewers anywhere on any device, regardless of location or content distribution technology.

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