Stay Relevant to Employees and Customers

More and more enterprises are using live and on-demand video to increase the impact, reach and effectiveness of corporate communications. Expand your audience and reach viewers on and beyond your corporate website. The average consumer today spends 30% of their time on the web watching video. Take advantage of this trend to improve your employee communications, training, brand awareness and market education. With our easy-to-use unified communications platforms, you can engage your audience, communicate effectively, extend your reach across any device, and measure your impact.

Social Video and Corporate Communications improve employee productivity, motivation and community through media collaboration and sharing tools. The role of corporate communications is evolving from pure content creation to content curation.

In the age of online video and social media, businesses are forced to adapt to the new reality of how employees and customers want to communicate. Older e-mail and web conferencing technologies are giving way to chat, video, and social collaboration tools. Communication is in real time and highly interactive. Video for unified communications is a major part of this shift. To stay competitive and agile, enterprises all over the globe are embracing these technologies, and the ones that don’t are at risk of becoming irrelevant to a whole new generation of employees and consumers.

Deliver Live or On-Demand Interactive Multimedia Presentations

MediaPlatform is a best-in-class webcasting solution that enables you to easily produce webcasts with presenters in one or multiple locations and reach audiences in excess of hundreds of thousands of live concurrent viewers. It enables you to produce, broadly distribute and monitor deeply interactive live and on-demand multimedia presentations that feature streaming video, PowerPoint® slides, audio, surveys, polls, screencasting and social media integration to create a unified communications application. MediaPlatform now supports multicast on the Adobe® Flash® Platform with the world’s first OSMF-based, multicast fusion streaming player.

Build Your Enterprise YouTube

MediaPlatform is an excellent way to manage corporate, or employee contributed content. MediaPlatform builds community and user engagement with friendly video search and browsing, video upload, video capture, annotation, sharing, and more. With MediaPlatform you can provide a rich video portal for employees and customers and easily customize the experience and the content for the appropriate audience. Using one central management solution you can widely distribute video and multimedia content with MediaPlatform unified communications tools. MediaPlatform can be accessed securely from anywhere, on any device. Visit the MediaPlatform demo site here.

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