Why Interactive CEO Webcasts are Most Effective for Internal Communications

By June 12, 2018 MediaPlatform Blog

Communicating internally can be a struggle–especially with so many competing internal communication channels.

How do you get important news and information from your leadership group out to every single employee? How do you know they’ve received your communication? How do you ensure they feel included in the discussion?

More and more, CEOs are relying on webcasting technology to get important messaging across to their employees. Here’s why CEO webcasts are an effective tool for internal communication:

It’s personal

If you have ever seen a “letter from the CEO” bulletin tacked to the lunch-room bulletin board, you likely already understand why flat newsletters did little to engage employees. Especially when someone else came along and tacked a ‘free cat available’ notice on top of it. A CEO webcast is one of the most successful ways of connecting your CEO with employees as it delivers a personal connection unachievable in the majority of other communication mediums.

It provides employees with a voice

First generation CEO communication tools offered zero opportunity for employees to engage in the discussion. Imagine trying to provide feedback to a news bulletin (anyone remember suggestion boxes?).   Using a webcast platform allows employees to easily ask questions and participate in the discussion.This provides employees with a voice, and a strong sense of engagement. While we often read about millennials desiring a voice within an organization, it really is all generations that benefit when given the opportunity to provide feedback. And, if your audience is reluctant to participate, have your moderator prepare a few questions in advance to get the ball rolling.

It’s secure

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without hearing about data breaches, or scenarios where confidential information gets in the wrong hands. With secure permission settings in webcast software it’s easier than ever to ensure the right content gets in front of the right audience.

It’s easy to manage and organize

If you have never run a webcast before, it might feel a little scary. After all, webcasting technology once involved an entire team and some hefty hardware. Today, all one really needs is decent webcasting technology, and a mobile device. Even with zero experience you can run high end webcasts.

It’s cost effective

Many organizations are still relying on costly in person meetings. While having in person contact is extremely valuable, it’s just not feasible or affordable for most organizations, particularly when you factor in things like travel expenses, room booking costs, and catering fees. With a webcast, it’s simple technology accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

It’s repeatable and scalable

One of the best things about a great process like webcasting is the ability to deliver webcasts again and again. This is especially useful for internal communicators who are constantly searching for the most effective way to get in front of an engaged audience. Consider using CEO webcasts for town hall meetings as well as the dissemination of important corporate news and events.

It provides insight and learning

A webcast makes it easy to assess what topics or content resonated with employees. The right webcasting platform will reveal a lot of insight into your audience. With built-in analytics it’s simple to spot things like participation numbers, view counts, questions asked, and poll responses. Once the webcast is uploaded to a channel, employees can further participate in the discussion.

One final word of advice, don’t forget to include a post-event survey to learn how the audience felt about the content presented, whether they understood it, and most importantly, how they feel it could be improved for future CEO webcasts.


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