How to Make E-Learning More Interactive With Webcasting

By April 25, 2018 MediaPlatform Blog

For those of us old enough to remember, workplace training was once a dismal experience. Sometimes it consisted of a thick book of training documents; other times it was a long week of boring and uninspiring lectures. If you were lucky you were sent somewhere exotic for these training sessions. Although as you can imagine, flying employees to different cities isn’t exactly cost effective. 

But as the pressure to provide learning and training opportunities has increased, organizations have been forced to find new ways of educating their employees. An interactive webcasting platform provides training professionals all the tools and features they need to create rich collaborative e-learning presentations. A sophisticated feature set that includes interactive elements such as Q&A, chat, survey, and polls, allows employees to take an active role in their learning. 

Here are some reasons organizations should incorporate a webcasting platform into their corporate training strategy:


With an e-learning webcasting platform, training opportunities are opened up and are significantly less expensive. Employees can now view training modules on any browser or mobile device, which means they can access the content no matter where they are. This enables employees to learn at their own pace and in comfortable settings. This benefits both fast learners and those requiring additional time. Also, given that present day employees work from various time zones, a learning tool that is accessible 24/7 makes it easy for employers to offer training without draining resources. Employees have instant connectivity to subject matter experts; regardless of where they are located. The option to add captions, transcripts, and translations makes content even more accessible to the entire workforce.

Reduced costs

As mentioned before, many companies incurred significant costs through conventional learning systems. This was due to the fact that a lot of money was invested on things such as the trainer, classroom rentals, travel, and catering costs. With a webcasting solution the costs are significantly less. Trainer costs are typically incurred once, as material may be reused for multiple batches of learners. Finally, since all the content is in an electric format, there is no cost for printing. All of this delivers a significant reduction in the bottom-line.

Applicable for every generation

It is not just millennials that desire an environment of continuous learning. With a competitive work climate more and more employees are seeking opportunities that allow for growth and learning. One of the under appreciated benefits of a webcasting platform is its suitability to every generation of learner. Employees suddenly have knowledge at their disposal. This not only benefits the learner, but it also a fantastic method of employee retention. Organizations that execute powerful learning programs enjoy increased loyalty from employees who have a greater sense of accomplishment. It’s a win-win for both the employer and the employees attending the training sessions.

What are you doing to elevate your corporate training?

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