6 Signs You Need to Webcast Your Town Hall Meetings

Just like town hall meetings run by politicians, corporate town halls have the same goal: to provide valuable information and to answer audience questions.

Many organizations are well aware of the benefits of town hall meetings, however many still rely on traditional in-person town halls meetings. This is still a great way to communicate, but hosting a town hall online has significant advantages that in-person meetings don’t. 

Here are six signs you need to webcast your town hall meetings:

Your travel costs are too high

Depending on the size of your organization, costs associated with town hall meetings can quickly escalate out of control. For example, a town hall holding several hundred to a thousand employees is going to require a very large meeting room. This will most likely be at an offsite location like a hotel or conference center. There will then be associated costs for food and beverage, even if it is just coffee and water. And, depending on where your speakers or employees come from there may also be travel costs. Webcasting your town hall can eliminate almost every one of these costs. Freeing up your budget will also allow you to host meetings more frequently.

Your employees are disengaged

When employees don’t feel communicated to it’s easy for them to become disengaged. Frequent communication helps solve this problem, but it’s also beneficial for it to be on a platform where employees feel listened to and respected. Webcasting your town halls online allows employees to not only ask questions to the speaker but to also comment and converse with other colleagues without disrupting the flow of the meeting.

Your employee communication is one-way

The reason town halls are often so powerful is because they involve feedback and questions from the audience. Unfortunately some organizations fail to truly benefit from this because people are too hesitant or shy to ask any questions. Webcasting your town hall allows your employees to ask questions anonymously without fear or intimidation.  

Your workforce is dispersed

A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that 67% of companies in the US allow their workers work from home on an occasional basis. The shift to this has motivated many companies to hire outside of their city, state, or even country. This means you have no choice but to rely on technology to communicate with these employees. 

Your company is growing

Fast growing companies require frequent dialog and discussion with employees. Especially during big events like mergers and acquisitions. A webcasting solution allows you to easily communicate with employees about any growth related challenges the company may be experiencing.

You don’t know if it’s successful

How do you know how successful your town hall meeting is? Using a webcasting platform provides you with analytics and insight into your town hall meetings. For example, you might learn that employees drop off after a certain time. Or you may discover that your office in London asks more questions that your office in New York. What can you learn from this?


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