Google Meet Is Google Hangouts For Enterprises

What Is Google Meet?

If you’re familiar with Google’s messaging and video chat application, Hangouts, you aren’t too far from understanding their newest application that was just quietly launched, “Meet”.  While Meet may have the group video call and chat capabilities like it’s close relative, Meet distinguishes itself by being more business-friendly.  

While Meet has not been officially launched, with its initial release and exposure to the public has been very quiet, comments from Google earlier in the year pointed to the development of a program like Meet.  Back in January of 2017, Google had shut down the API for Google+ Hangouts, with a comment noting that Hangouts would be “turning to focus on enterprise use causes”.  

How Is Meet Different Than Hangouts?

From first impressions after the soft launch, Google Meet is structured around the same capabilities of Hangouts but has been improved in many ways to better serve the needs of enterprises. For example, while Hangouts was limited to a maximum of 10 people on a video meeting, Meet expands that maximum to host 30 people on a video call at once.

Meet also looks to improve the user experience for those are traveling, or are looking for more integration with other Google apps. For group video calls, Meet offers dial-in numbers and clickable links that make it easier to join in on calls. Scheduling calls also integrate with users’ Gmail and Calendar apps to allow for better organization.  

The Future For Google Meet

With Meet’s soft launch, and no official word from Google about if Meet is going to replacing Hangouts entirely within the Google Suite of apps, the future of the new Meet app is up in the air.  The features do show promise, but as for it becoming a enterprise level live video conferencing solution, it has yet to be seen.

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