Why Your Employees Hate Training and How to Fix It

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No matter how much time is invested into corporate training programs, research shows that within one hour most employees have already forgotten most of the information presented to them.

Maintaining a status quo for employee training may have been acceptable for a long time, but it isn’t going to cut it in this era.  

Workplace learning is evolving, and employees expect more. Employees no longer want just basic tools and training to help them do their job, they now want programs that encourage individual growth and career advancement. If your employees avoid training like the plague it’s time to rethink your approach to how your employees learn.

Here are a few reasons your employees likely despise training and some ideas on how to fix it:

It can be intimidating

Not every employee is going to ask questions or engage with others during a live classroom presentation. Some employees may be introverted, or afraid of speaking up and questioning subjects–especially when they first begin a job. If you want your training program to be successful you must create an atmosphere where all employees feel they can contribute to every discussion. Technology that incorporates chat features, or private messaging allows employees to connect with other colleagues or instructors without fear or intimidation.

It’s a one size fits all approach

For many years employee learning consisted of sitting in a classroom for hours at a time listening to someone speak. That’s great if you are an auditory learner, but what if you have difficulty listening or paying attention? Or what if the language the material is presented in isn’t your first language? An effective training program must appeal to a wide variety of different learning styles and challenges. By incorporating video into your training program you can create an interactive ‘kinesthetic’ experience. Video also ensures that content is available on demand, for those who need to rewatch over again.

Lectures are long and one sided 

Even if you feel your training material is effective can you really be sure your employees are benefiting from it? Long lectures are rarely effective when delivering important educational content. The strongest way to capture the interest of your employees is to keep communication two way. It’s also important to incorporate surveys and polls. By leveraging video technology you can immediately learn whether content was understood or enjoyed.

It interferes with work

One of the biggest frustrations employees have with traditional corporate learning is the interference with their daily work. Sure for some employee training may be a welcome break from an otherwise busy schedule, but for most employees it interferes with completing important tasks and responsibilities. Even the most important sales training still takes employees away from selling. By relying on video as a learning platform, employees can access training modules at a time convenient for them. For some employees this may be on their commute home, by watching content on a mobile device.

In today’s competitive era it is no longer acceptable to have a weak training program. With technology like an enterprise video platform workplaces can quickly transform their workplace into productive educational environments where employees feel valued, respected, and educated.

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